Thursday, May 11, 2006

More Forced Annexation

I recently received an email from a resident of Jeffersonville, in Clark County, just on the other side of the Ohio River from Louisville. He advised me that Jeffersonville is considering a forcible annexation of his and other neighborhoods, and is currently in study on the issue. I'll look forward to reading news reports from the area, and to talking with supporters there.

I urge the Libertarians in Clark County to jump all over this, in favor of the right to self-determination, and opposed to forced annexation. Issues that matter are issues that hit close to home- and there is nothing closer to home than the home itself.

If the citizens wish to voluntarily annex, support them. It the people wish to have a direct vote on the matter, support that. No way should a government that is not their representative at the time of the vote ever make a decision to incorporate a group of people. Not in the United States, the Home of the Free.

We wouldn't stand for it if it were Mexico trying to annex Arizona. We shouldn't stand for it if it's Jeffersonville, or Carmel, or Fishers trying to annex neighborhoods forcibly.


J.Q.F.R. said...

OK I guess things were a little slow around the ranch here so you thought maybe you'd rustle the bushes a bit to get things going again. Alrighty I'll bite. Similar situations are almost never identical. If Jeffersonville has no cause for annexation then we should oppose it. However if the J-ville police are making 1000+ runs a year into the area, J-ville is investing in infrastructure in the area and it can afford to maintain the existing infrastructure in the area and the area is contiguous to J-ville then it should be annexed. Simple!

FYI the discussions between some of the neighborhoods in the proposed annexation area and Fishers to arrange voluntary annexation are much more than rumors now.

I noticed that the oh-so-exclusive and guaranteed-sell-out fund-raising event at Bella Vita still has tickets for sale.

It was funny that after the strong-arm Oxy-Contin robbery at the CVS in geist last week, who did we see providing information on the details of the crimes' investigation AND the trailing announcement of the perp's aprehension? Sheriff Carter? noooo. PIO for Neighborhood Patrol? nope! Good ol' Fishers Police Department.

Some unwitting candidate in the election two weeks ago actually placed a referendum for annexation on the ballot. See the results at

Mike Kole said...

I'll believe the notion that there will be voluntary annexations of Geist to Fishers when I see the petitions. I'll back a voluntary annexation, if it materializes. You're on the hook now.

As for forced annexation- it's still wrong, period.