Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Senate 41 Notes

Long-time State Senate Pro Tem Bob Garten was defeated in the Republican primary by challenger Greg Walker, instantly making the race for Senate 41 one of the most interesting. Mainly, Walker has some interesting baggage.

But first, a plug for Kenn Gividen. He ran for Governor in 2004 as the Libertarian candidate, opposite Republican Mitch Daniels and Democrat Joe Kernan. Here is a link to Kenn's new campaign website.

Kenn is in favor of smaller government, lower taxes, and eliminating property taxes. Very common sense stuff. He stands as an excellent choice for those voters who can't vote Democrat because of their commitment to bigger government and higher taxes, but are unwilling to vote for a candidate with the baggage Mr. Walker brings.

The man is in favor of public flogging. Public flogging! I tell you- the Republicans are real kooks. Wither the 8th Amendment?
Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted. (Emphasis mine.)

Public flogging is most certainly unusual, having not been seen in this country in any living person's lifetime. I have many friends from the coasts who think that a trip to Indiana is a trip back in time. Positions like Walker's just make me have to explain more and plead, "honest- he's an isolated case".

Someone has come up with a parody website on Walker's position on flogging. Link to www.theflogger.com.

Garton screwed up by continuing to back lifetime health benefits for himself and his statehouse fellows, and accordingly paid the price. However, if they elect Walker, the people of District 41 will have merely exchanged one of-touch Republican for another.

Support Kenn Gividen!

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