Monday, September 29, 2003

A Favored Place

Later this week, Ame & I will head for the Adironadacks, specifically to Long Pond, for a few days of camping in a rather remote location. We'll meet up with friends from New York City, Steve and Greg. For Ame & Shasta (our dog), it will be the second such adventure. I think this will be my sixth trip.

I always feel like Teddy Roosevelt when I go here. I don't know if TR actually traversed Long Pond itself, but I could imagine him enjoying it, if he had. The area is so remote that I've encountered other humans on less than half of the trips. The log at the trailhead often goes unsigned for months at a time. The trails are thin, and the markers are faded. Greg, Steve, and I actually re-established the trail from Long Pond to the John Mack Pond, as it was completely overgrown.

My favorite Long Pond moment was discovering an obscured natural spring that was listed in a trail book published in the 1960s. It is easily the best water I have ever drank.

This time, there is the possibility of seeing aurora borealis, plus the beginnings of fall foliage. It should be awesome!

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