Sunday, September 28, 2003

Slaps in the Face

While we earn respect from some, others prefer to just raise their hand over head and bring it crashing down with a contemptuous swat. The Indy Star has so smacked the LP twice in the past four days.

In Thursday's paper, the issue of a Democratic suit challenging the Mariob County ballot was covered. While it may be a fight between Dems and the GOP, Libertarian candidates are just as affected by any change to the placement of candidate names as the other two parties. The reporter didn't bother to contact the LP for comment. Also, the graphic used featured Dem and GOP logos, but did not include one from the LP, which is a glaring ommission from a graphic titled, "Election 2003". After all, there are about 20 LP candidates in Marion County, not an insignificant number. (The online version sadly does not include the logo.)

In today's issue, a Top Five list is posted in referrence to the ballot issue, suggesting the inclusion of a phrase advising the voter that a vote for an LP candidate is a wasted vote.

How do I sum these up? Lazy, sloppy, and unconscionable. Poor journalism. Disrespectul.

I expect the LP to take lumps when it does something stupid that affects people. Here, we take lumps for no good reason at all. I expect that from Nuvo, but at least because they understand us and fear liberty.

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