Thursday, January 05, 2006

Ad For Blogs

I am very pleased to announce that former Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Kenn Gividen placed a long-running ad on the online version of the Noblesville Daily Times. The ad appears on the right side of the page, with the header "Top Blogs".

The ad is primarily a tool to drive Daily Times readers to LPIN State Chair Mark Rutherford's blog, but it also links to this blog, along with blogs from Rob Beck of Carmel, Mike Sylvester of Fort Wayne, Rex Bell of Hagerstown, Debbie Harbeson, Al Barger, and also Kenn's blog.

So, I welcome those of you who are visiting from the Daily Times site. I invite you to read throughout my blog to find out where Libertarians stand on important issues that really affect us in our homes and our businesses, such as eminent domain abuse, forced annexation, property rights, and taxes. I think you will find yourself agreeing with our positions more than you might have expected.

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