Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Indy Star Mailbag

I sent a Letter to the Editor in defense of the Hursts, which the Star did not print today. There is hope that it may be printed tomorrow. Here are links to four letters the Star did print today, also in defense of the Hursts.

Look For Other Solutions To Stadium Parking
Take Private Land Only For Real Needs of The State
A Request Irsay Should Make: Drop The Lawsuit
Put Hurst Proposal In Writing, Keep It Downtown

The last one is by Rep. Phil Hinkle. Here's my letter, which was not printed:

The Star's editorial position on the Stadium Authority's eminent domain procedings against the NK Hurst Company was shocking and disappointing.

The Hurst Company is a model corporate citizen who made a commitment to Indianapolis. The Hursts perservered in the inner city while other businesses fled for the suburbs or even other states and countries. On that count alone, the Hursts should be given honors. Instead, they are faced with the wrecking ball and the theft of their property.

The Stadium Authority's eviction notice should be seen as a troubling signal for other inner city companies. How many other family businesses will have their property stolen for the next political project, such as a 4-star hotel?

While the Stadium Authority does have a mission, and is a steward of the State's interests, that mission addresses only a very small subset of the State's greater responsibilities. One of those fundamental responsibilities is to assure the security of Hoosiers in their properties.

On this crucial count, our state government and the Star, have let Indiana down.

Sincerely Yours,
Mike Kole
Libertarian candidate for Secretary of State
Former State Secretary, Libertarian Party of Indiana

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