Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Please, Forgive My Exuberance

If you heard me chime in on WXNT's "Abdul In The Morning" today, you may have been taken aback by my direct appeal to voting Libertarian while offering support to the Hurst family.

The Hursts are under siege by the Stadium Authority, and it angers me significantly. Back in Ohio, I worked in a family business with my Dad and my brother. Our name was on the door, just as the Hursts have had their name on the door since FDR's second term. I empathize completely, and emotionally.

Callers were similarly expressing their dissatisfaction with their government on this issue. One asked what they can do. Yes, writing letters to the players in the Stadium Authority and the Governor can make a difference. But, remembering that these players are mainly Republicans, another thing that can be done, and which I think will be more effective, is to let these Republicans know that they have lost the support of people who believe in property rights, and that support has gone elsewhere.

Because the Libertarian Party has been unyielding in its support for all private property owners, and unequivical in opposing eminent domain abuse - rather unlike the wavering Republicans - it is fitting that the support should shift from the Republicans to the Libertarians.

Letting these Republican officials know this, and then following up with a shift in financial and electoral support, is exactly the message they need to receive in order to get it in any meaningful way. If you tell them that, darn it, you're really hopping mad at them, and then you still give them your money and votes, they learn that your anger is fleeting, and that they need not listen to it.

Make them pay!

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GadFlier said...

I'm reminded of talk on a mailing list for Republicans who claim to love liberty--there are individuals on that list who keep saying that, no matter what, Republicans must toe the party line and blindly vote Republican, even if a Republican candidate vigorously opposes all principles of private property and individual liberty. These people claim that only such blind devotion will increase the influence of those who love liberty within the Republican party.