Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Recommended Reading Extended

Yesterday, I recommended checking out Rex Bell's very fine blog, The Bell Curve. Today, I have several interesting reads that are worth your while if you have an interest in the state of liberty in our fair state.

Rob Beck's blog, "Shall Not Perish," is always excellent and worth reading. Today's entry is something that occasionally comes to my mind, but that I haven't recently researched.

How much of the Marxist dream has been realized in Indiana and the United States? You may scoff or laugh, but Rob compares Marxist doctrine to current public policy. The next time a Democrat laments some sort of shift to the right, laugh in his face. Republicans may be sweeping elections, but policy is moving ever leftward.

As a third party candidate, I take stock in the fact that 'unsuccessful' third parties such as the Socialists, Progressives, and Communists have in fact been successful in advancing policy. Consider: 40-hour work week, minimum wage laws, child labor laws, and environmental laws, on the short list. All of these originated with these third parties. So, even though Libertarians aren't winning huge percentages of elections -yet- we still can move policy our way. There is a history. So, don't let Rob's fine analysis get you down.

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GadFlier said...

I have been quick to cry "Marxist" over the years, but I think that I've been too hasty. Marxism is really a form of paternalism. Since it became the dominant form of paternalism in the 20th century, those of us who love Enlightenment liberalism came to simply cry "Marxist" or "socialist" whenever we saw paternalism in action But paternalism is a far more dangerous thing than Marxism. Marxism has other dogmatic baggage that make it harder to swallow. Paternalism in general has nothing like this--it just promised to take care of you, trust the Fatherland.