Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Great Writer In Our Midst

I direct you now to Rex Bell's new blog, The Bell Curve, for what I consider the finest column writing amongst Hoosier Libertarians.

That's no small compliment. I had to stumble over my own sizeable ego to get to it.

Rex's writing reminds me of the Mike Royko columns I grew up with. Where Royko had his Slats Grobnik, Rex has his Stinky Wilmot. Rex writes with a voice that is unmatched among us more urbane writers- he's rural, homespun, and loaded with good humor.

Start with Rex's most recent entry, "You Say You Want a Resolution," and you may find yourself plowing through the entire blog, which is kind of short at this point. Encourage Rex so that he loads it with regular entries.

Update: The Noblesville Daily Times agrees. They printed the "Resolution" column in their Tuesday edition. Link.

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