Sunday, February 12, 2006

Excellent Organizational Meeting

I was delighted with Saturday's organizational meeting for District 5. It was attended by 20 good people who want to see my campaign, and the Libertarian Party, move to the next level.

Two homework assignments were issued.

#1 Bring 3 people to the next meeting. This is a fun exercise, because even if the person hears 'no' from 12 friends, relatives, or business associates before finding three to say 'yes', that many more people have heard good things about the Kole Campaign and the Libertarian Party from trusted people with relationships and shared values.

#2 Conduct online research on at least one Indiana County. Determine the media outlets (TV, radio, print, blogs, etc.) and their newsroom and contact info. Also, determine the big-deal annual events, such as parades, festivals, fairs, etc., along with the dates, times, locations, and contact info.

Those who were unable to attend but wish to participate are most welcome to do so! Send me an email at, and I will be glad to send the Word Documents with the details.

The event was reported by LPIN State Chair Mark Rutherford in his blog, and by LP of Hamilton County Secretary Michael Jarrell, in his blog. Special thanks to Michael for presenting me with a nice bottle of Boylan's Root Beer!

I learned that Saturday afternoon is not the best time for a meeting, especially when IU and Purdue basketball is happening at the same time. There were more email and voice mail regrets than there were folks present. That's my fault. Chalk it up as a learning experience.

In other news, I am working with Jeff Thomas of Vincennes to put an organizational meeting together for the 8th District. Watch this blog and the campaign website for details on organizational meetings statewide.

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