Thursday, February 16, 2006

Thanks, J.A.!

J.A. Thomas has announced his candidacy for Indiana Representative in District 64, which includes his home town of Vincennes, and his home county of Knox. Here's the link to J.A. Thomas' campaign website.

Thomas' entry into the race should make things delightfully uncomfortable for incumbent Republican Troy Woodruff, who won election in 2004 by a mere 189 votes. Mr. Woodruff would be well advised to vote for smaller government with every vote, lest he lose a several thousand to Thomas, along with his hopes for re-election.

I'm glad J.A. announced his candidacy now. It gives him a chance to build momentum now, rather than after our late-April convention. Unless you have big money, time coupled with effort is the only thing on a candidate's side for gaining strength.

Big thanks to J.A on a personal note. He has pledged his support in working together for the highest possible outcome in the Secretary of State race, in which I am a candidate. Indiana election rules tie the parties' ballot status to this race. Our minimum goal in 2006 is Major Party status.

J.A. has my pledge for support as well. Together, we will work to build the 8th District.

I pledge my support to work together with other leaders who step forward to do the necessary work. J.A. Thomas is leading by example.

Thanks, J.A.!

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