Monday, February 13, 2006

Greenfield Report

The Libertarian Party of Hancock County held a fun, informal dinner meeting at El Rodeo restaurant in Greenfield, on SR 9, just south of the interstate.

Most of the people there were folks I had not met before. Most were rather disenchanted with the Republican Party. They want smaller government in general. They want to be left alone by what they consider a meddling, busy-body government. This was one extremely pro-liberty group, and it was a delight to be amongst them.

Phil Miller gave me the floor for about 20 minutes. I spoke about the campaign, and I urged them to not only work in support of my campaign, but to allow me to work to support them in their campaigns. The only way to make an unresponsive government take notice is to put the very office at stake, by becoming candidates.

It's not for everyone, but I suspect some of the people I met there tonight will become candidates.

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