Sunday, February 12, 2006

Hancock County Meeting is Next

The campaign season is really going to be in full swing now, as I work towards securing the nomination of my party to be our candidate for Secretary of State. This means winning over the votes of the delegates to the Libertarian Party of Indiana's annual State Convention. This year's convention will be held the weekend of April 28-30, in Indianapolis.

On Monday, I will be attending the dinner/business meeting of the Libertarian Party of Hancock County. The dinner begins at 6pm at El Rodeo Restaurant in Greenfield, on SR 9, off I-70.

I am looking forward to this meeting as the attendance at Hancock County meetings has been steadily rising. I attribute this to their increased visibility in defending small business owners from impositions local governments would place on them. Generally, the Libertarians are their only defenders politically. Also, Jenn Bradshaw writes a great column in the Greenfield Daily Reporter.

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