Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Who Do You Trust?

CNN published an interesting report on a recent Gallup Poll. Who has a clear plan for the country? From the CNN article:

Democrats? No, according to 68% of those polled.
Republicans? No, according to 67% of those polled.

Apparently, Americans don't trust either party. This begins to explain why voter turn-out is so low in this country. What it doesn't explain is why more Americans aren't willing to turn to other parties. Sure, I'll stump for the Libertarians, but I would extend that inquiry to any other party.

I'd love to see the same poll reissued, but adding libertarian philosophy of smaller government and lower taxes to the questions, to see what rating the public would give it. I bet higher than 32 or 33%.

It just doesn't make sense to keep voting for parties you don't trust.

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