Monday, March 06, 2006

Frost Illustrated Carries Column

Periodically, I contribute a column to the Libertarian Writers' Bureau. My most recent item was picked up by Fort Wayne's Frost Illustrated.

The column ties the gerrymandering of districts and the relative responsive of elected officials together, citing several examples, including Major Moves:
The I-80 toll road is likely to be leased to foreign investors, with the strong possibility of increased tolls. Those who live in the region and use the toll road weren't consulted— not even as an afterthought. After all, leasing the toll road is an attempt to solve problems away from the road itself.

So, it was very refreshing to see State Rep. Jerry Torr (R-Carmel) pick up the Libertarian Party's top issue in the 2002 Secretary of State race, and introduce HB 1099, which would eliminate the gerrymandering of districts to suit the parties, and would instead draw districts that are balanced in population, yet geographically sensible.

Torr's introduction of the bill is courageous in light of the major parties' interest in preserving the status quo. The bill's passage might lead to a more responsive, more representative government that asks citizens what is important, and then actually carries out their wishes.

Frost Illustrated serves Fort Wayne's black community as its target audience. Recently, it has been consistently including Libertarian commentary on its pages and website. I am grateful for this. Check out Frost Illustrated.

Thanks to Mike Sylvester for the tip!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...


It is a great idea but the only reason he wants to do it now is because the dems were the last to set the boundries. Let's do it in 2010 when we are supossed to. I am sure if Jerry's party is in power then he might not be so interested.

BTW good Luck in November

Rusty Skoog