Monday, March 06, 2006

Poll Results In

The last poll question posted on Kole Hard Facts asked, What is the best single issue for a Libertarian to run on? Here are the results:

38% None- Libertarian philosophy as a whole
19% Making government less intrusive
14% Lower taxes
14% Libertarians aren't Democrats or Republicans
10% Implementing the Fair Tax
5% Ending eminent domain abuse
0% Opposing forced annexation
0% Daylight Savings Time (for or against)

The correct answer is- none of the above. It depends on the office being sought, and what matters to the people within the jurisdiction as related to the office being sought.

Even though a majority of respondents cited Libertarian philosophy as a whole, that doesn't work so well, because while libertarians eat it up, the public isn't able to get their arms around the whole of it, and besides, they may embrace 2/3rds of it while rejecting 1/3rd. In sum, if you're running for Dog Catcher, you really have little to gain in talking about the Federal Reserve System.

Clearly, forced annexation is a regional issue. It may not affect the reader in Kokomo, or Florida. Ditto, DST... although both may be contained in "Making government less intrusive".

As I've said, these polls are less than scientific, but fun!

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GadFlier said...

Some statewide issues:

1: Election conduct: We need a solid paper trail. Some times, the old ways are best.

2: Business regulations: People need an easier time starting and running their businesses, with minimal regulatory diddling.

3: Finance: Even enforcement of the rules, with nobody getting special treatment.

Fortunately, these are all three in your platform.