Sunday, March 05, 2006

Gaping Holes

I was astonished to scan the myriad Sunday news sources throughout our state and to not find commentary linking the Lucas Oil-Colts stadium naming rights deal to the Major Moves toll road deal proposed by the State.

The Daniels Administration oversees the stadium via the Stadium Authority. Thus, the Daniels Administration somehow allowed the deal to permit the Colts to collect 100% of the naming rights money, to the tune of $122 million. Naming rights deals are major components of stadium packages. Can the Daniels Administration and the Stadium Authority be so oblivious as to give away that plum? Apparently so.

So, it follows that if the Daniels Administration can give away the store to the Colts, it most certainly can do the same thing with the toll road. Governor Daniels can say all he likes about the benefits of the deal with the Australian/Spanish outfit, but his other major deal has resulted mainly in benefits for the party sitting across the table. That's a fact.

There are gaping holes in the coverage, just as there are gaping holes in the deals. With two weeks left in the session, it will be interesting to observe the votes by our State Representatives, and see if the media points out this glaring, obvious hole in the naming rights deal.

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