Monday, March 06, 2006

New Polls

I have heard much discussion about Mitch Daniels and his approval ratings. Many of the grumblings actually come from my Republican friends, who are feeling they aren't getting what they bargained for in Daniels.

In particular, I have cause to encounter many elected Republican township officials. They are angry that he would eliminate their livelihood and effectively destroy the GOP grassroots. Actually, I'm kind of amused by their grassroots being mowed down by one of their own. Fire up the Lawn Boy, Mitch!

Mr. Daniels is fond of reminding folks that he doesn't much care what people think of his work, that he does what he thinks is right. I find that admirable, but of course I don't agree with him on everything with regards to right and wrong. See socialized football stadiums and 75-year toll road leases for my prime examples.

Many of my Republican friends tell me that they wish they had voted for Daniels' primary challenger Eric Miller, or Libertarian Kenn Gividen. I've even had a few tell me they would sooner vote for Kernan if they had it to do all over again.

So, let's have it to do all over again here. It obviously doesn't count, but it's a fun exercise.

I voted Gividen in '04, and would happily do so again. What about you?

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Rex Bell said...

What Mitch said, "I don't think it's suprising that folks are hesitant when we bring this much change this rapidly".

What Mitch meant, "Hey, you gotta expect this kind of reaction when you screw over the people that elected you. heh,heh."

J.Q.F.R. said...

I voted Gividen but I'm not sure I would do it again. He just dropped off the radar after the election. Wouldn't it work better to run in local races, make a name and establish a platform for future promotions based on a previous track record? Just a thought...

Mike Kole said...

Kernan also dropped off the radar. It happens to the candidates who don't win. How much have you heard from John Kerry in the last year and a half?

There were a lot of people who were saying that they would have voted for Gividen, but they thought the race would be close. It wasn't. It was a 9-point spread between Daniels and Kernan. That, plus hindsight, makes for interesting contemplation.

Of course our path to higher elected offices will come via a track record at lower ones. However, no political party can afford to not run a candidate at the top of ticket. They would be seen as not serious.

In the case of Secretary of State, if any party fails to run a candidate for that race, they lose ballot access. This includes the Ds and Rs.

J.Q.F.R. said...

Kernans age was a factor. A lot of us probably thought he couldn't make it through another full term. Actually Kerry has been in the news quite a bit making hay from (in his consistently negative way)the current administration and it's problems.

I guess I would like to see Kenn standing on a soapbox preaching now (even better if the pulpit is in the Statehouse or a County Council chamber). Abdul is still on the air and staying on the voters "top of mind" to me would be a basic tenet of good marketing (for a "serious" candidate).