Monday, March 06, 2006

Maybe I'm Just Not Finding Them

Articles, that is. Articles that point out that allowing the Colts to take all of the naming rights money, and that this is a big dropped ball on the part of the State of Indiana. Articles that link this dropped ball to the Major Moves plan because if the state could give away the store to the Colts, they could most certainly do it again on a toll road.

Please forward links if I am simply not finding these articles on my own. It would surprise me, because I have been checking the statewide media every morning.

There is little time left in the session, and this track record should be brought to light by the media, prior to the final votes in the Statehouse.

The track record is of shoddy negotiation on behalf of the taxpayers of Indiana. There is no good reason to trust the negotiators in the Daniels Administration, based on this track record.

What I am fearing here is the Indy Star treatment given the Colts stadium project last year. The Star remained largely silent or hinted that the project was okay, but then after it was finalized, their columnists started offering the opinion that the deal wasn't so great. A lot of good that did. Likewise, there will be little benefit in making this linkage after the deal is signed.

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Anonymous said...

After the Star called the filing of an eminent domain suit in favor of Irsay just a common part of negotiations, did you really expect them to disapprove of giving him another few millions? How much advertising revenue do you suppose they generate with the Colts' "special sections" throughout the season, or even the year? A conflict of interest here!