Thursday, May 04, 2006

Excellent Response in Nuvo

Steve Hammer's article in defense of the Libertarian Party is greatly appreciated, after and in response to the Tully hatchet job. Sure, Nuvo likes to take shots at the Star whenever possible, but Hammer makes key points on major media today. The Star talks a good game on diversity, but how strong are they on actual inclusion? Choice jems from Hammer's column:

It does, indeed, suck when a journalist has to cover all of the aspects of his or her assigned beat, instead of relying on press releases from the Republican Party, and Tully wrote passionately about just what an inconvenience it is.

He mocks a Libertarian candidate who e-mailed him asking for more press. And when the candidate responded to a Tully phone call, Tully mocks him again for calling him back.
Libertarians don’t get the attention given the other candidates because political reporters are trained to ignore the important issues and instead focus on things such as poll numbers, intraparty fighting and attack ads.

Candidates who insist on sticking to the issues are ignored and attacked. Is it any wonder that our elected officials are mostly Ken and Barbie dolls who preen for the cameras without ever actually saying or doing anything?

Tully may not like the Libertarians because they could cause him more work, but the message the party has to offer is interesting and vital information for the state.

I will say this: Tully spelled my name right in his column, and used it several times. I'm very grateful for that. Had he included the campaign website, that would be even better. Indeed, he is cordially invited to trash me monthly so long as he includes the campaign website, and perhaps has the paper print my campaign logo:

Hammer's and Nuvo's response is greatly appreciated. We do focus on issues. We do stay away from attack ads. And, we do return phone calls.

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