Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Whine & Cheese

In response to the Tully column, we were thinking that we'd have some fun with it, staging a "Whine & Cheese" event. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, Indiana Blog review has written about my episode with the Star, and highlighted something I said about it:

Ironically, Tully was putting me on the spot to demonstrate the relevance of my party. Really, I'm hard-pressed to discover the relevance of the Star and of Tully's column. Based on the content, it's clearly nothing to do with the public discourse, the ideas therein, or even news. [emphasis added]

I like their emphasis.


Anonymous said...

I sent tully an email the other day but never heard back. I also think he was just being mean spirited and people like that would not stand a chance in a real debate.


Mike Kole said...

Thanks for the support! I wouldn't be expecting a reply within 4-5 days. It's apparently very uncool to respond to calls or emails with prompt courtesy. :-)