Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Good Coverage From Michigan City

The MC News Dispatch covered the Libertarian state convention, with some nice quotes from my acceptance speech included. (You may need to complete a free subscription to view the full article.) From the report:
Even though the Libertarian Party was not on Tuesday's primary ballot, the party made a bit of news with the announcement of several candidates for state office.

Mike Kole was announced as the party's candidate for secretary of state.“My candidacy is a referendum on the Mitch Daniels administration,” Kole said, adding that frustrated Republicans and Democrats can voice their displeasure by voting for Libertarians. “Across the state, the Republicans have taken their majorities and their advantages and have run roughshod over Hoosiers.”

Kole said daylight saving time and the Toll Road lease were examples decisions by Republicans that ran counter to the wishes of the public.

“With Republicans like these, who needs Democrats?” said Kole, who made his comments at the statewide Libertarian convention in Indianapolis this past week.

Michigan City is in LaPorte County, where the populace is on fire over Major Moves and DST. Incumbent Republican state representative Mary Kay Budak was unseated in her primary election, largely because she ignored the interests of her constituents and served the governor first with her votes.

The Libertarian positions on these issues resonate strongly in LaPorte County. We held that the toll road should not fuel a redistribution of wealth program, with the people of the northern counties paying to build roads in other parts of the state. Libertarians are not socialists. We held that DST should have been left to a vote of the people on a county-by-county basis. Libertarians believe in the right to self-determination.


Doug said...

I guess I'd go with a statewide vote on Daylight Saving Time. The patchwork potential of county-by-county determination, in my mind, outweighs the benefits of local control over the issue. But spot-on on the Toll Road. It's a tax on the motorists of northern Indiana that greatly benefits residents in other parts of the state.

Mike Kole said...

Thanks, Doug!

The patchwork effect reflects certain local realities, though.

Lake and other NW IN counties have clear ties to Chicago, and desire the efficiencies found in having the same time as in Chicago. Likewise SE Indiana to Cincinnati, and NE IN to Michigan & Ohio.

The one-size-fits-all approach results in winners and losers in these corners, which is why the lobbying for CST vs. EST began to become intense. With such a solution, some corner of the state ends up supremely dissatisfied. Why not have a win-win?

Kevin said...

A win-win would of been to have not messed with the time in the first place.