Monday, May 01, 2006

Primaries Tuesday

Calling all voters! Make sure to vote! Sure, you aren't interested in taking a partisan ballot. Never fear- there are still important school board positions up for grabs.

Remember- if you aren't asking for a partisan 'D' or 'R' ballot, you are asking for a school board ballot. Libertarians, Greens, independents, and non-partisans are very much eligible to vote, even if the Secretary of State's office didn't spend a million bucks educating you about it they way it did for voter ID.

In Allen County, be sure to vote for Mike Sylvester. He is running for school board, is a Libertarian, is a fiscal conservative, and has been a vocal critic of the atmosphere for free speech by students at Carroll High School. Mike has my hearty endorsement!

Those who do pull a Republican primary ballot (tsk tsk!) may be interested in voting for Bill Larsen. He is the most knowledgable person I have ever met on Social Security issues. He is running against Mark Souder.

In Marion County, Barry Campbell is running for school board, for an at-large post. Barry has my endorsement. He is a solid Libertarian, and was an excellent candidate for Sheriff in 2002.

In Marion County's Washington Township, Greg Wright and Don Barr are endorsed by a host of notables, and by me. They are part of the Washington Township Concerned Citizens, who actively initiated a remonstrance and then negotiated a reduction to an enormous bond proposal. Libertarians Dan Drexler and Sam Goldstein are a part of the WTCC, a tri-partisan group that agrees that too much money is spent bonding lavish building projects. Notably, while Wright and Barr are backed by citizens in the Township, their opponents are backed by the teachers union.

Gregg Puls is running for school board in Hamilton County, Delaware Township. He is the former Treasurer of the Libertarian Party of Hamilton County. Although he sold his soul to the Evil Empire, er GOP, I still like and respect Gregg tremendously. As I also live in Delaware Township, he gets my vote.

I have many friends in Hamilton County who also running on the GOP primary ballot. Although I won't advise anyone to take a partisan primary ballot, those who do may have an interest in voting for Bob Thompson in Fall Creek Township. Bob is a firm opponent of forced annexation, and that will almost certainly get him elected. Also, Darren Wilson is running for a Washington Township post. Darren's a good guy, and a fiscal conservative, which isn't always the case on the GOP ballot. Rick Ehlin is running for a Delaware Township post. He's a good guy too, and a new daddy, which has a way of making for an extra conscientious official.

Good luck to all of these folks! Remember- ask for the school board ballot.


Bob Thompson said...

Very light turn out this AM at Hamilton SE Junior High campaigners out numbered voters by a wide margin while I voted at 8 AM-Thanks for the plug

Rick Ehlin said...

thanks for the plug mike, but everybody up here were shut out. Andy did get a victory though.