Monday, May 01, 2006

Victory in Greenfield!

Two sides on a $99.9 million school bond issue collected signatures in Greenfield recently. Hancock County Libertarians backed the signing of the blue petition, which opposed the bond.

The blue petition carried the day. From the Indy Star report:
Opponents collected 3,912 signatures against the project compared to 3,301 signatures of residents supporting the districts plan, Superintendent Linda Gellert said Monday.

Gellert said she was particularly disappointed with the results given school officials' efforts to create a plan based on public input and consensus-building.

Given the results of the petitions, I'd say that the efforts to build consensus was won by the fiscal conservatives here, and not the school officials and the fiscal liberals.

Let's face it: $100 million is an awful lot of money. Consider that this figure was decided by littler more than 7,000 Greenfield residents. It is easy to see the value of getting involved and putting forth a serious effort. If just a handful fewer citizens carried the blue petition, the difference would have been $100 million. It's staggering to ponder.

Congratulations to the taxpayers of Greenfield!

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