Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Prediction Time

Colts 34, Bears 27.

Peyton Manning hasn't had a really good playoff game yet this year, but I think he's due. Winning three playoff games, plus New England again, really clears the hurdles for him. When he has confidence, Manning has no rival. The Colts have lost enough playoff games in the last few years to learn from. The defense will allow some points, and plenty of rushing yards, but consider it done.

The Bears remind me of last year's Seahawks- a surprisingly good team greatly aided by a soft division and conference, but hardly battle tested. In the big game, these teams tend to fall short. there have been teams that have won Super Bowls despite their quarterback- the Baltimore Ravens come to mind- but with the turnaround the Colts defense has made, I don't see the Bears running over the Colts a la Jacksonville. That's what would be needed. Grossman had exactly one good series against the Saints. He's going to need an excellent game if the Bears are to even be in it at halftime.

Let's see your picks!


Anonymous said...

Sorry, the only way the Colts will win is if the Refs decide to give Indy the sympathy/protest vote.

Anonymous said...

Sympathy vote? The Bears took that team out two Sundays ago. Looks like you're lining up the excuses like you vote in Chicago- early and often.

Colts 41 Bears 9

Chris Ward said...


24-21 Da Bears...Peyton won't get that monkey off his back...that monkey's name is Urlacher :)

Anonymous said...

Clearly the majority think the Bears will win, which is why you see so little observable support for the colts in Indy.

Mike Kole said...

Nah- I think that the Bears fans are just more die-hard than Colts fans.

All this whole exercise has shown me that NFL football ranks behind open-wheel racing, NASCAR, college hoops, and college football in the hearts and minds of Central Indiana folk. You might have added high school basketball, but class basketball ended that.

Mike Kole said...

Chris- Good to see you are still amongst the living. you should show your face now and again! :-)

You forget that while Urlacher could well score a touchdown, the chances of him scoring one are about as good as Rex Grossman throwing for one.

The Bears will go the way of the Irish- fatten up on a cream puff schedule all year and then get stomped in the big Bowl game.


Chris Ward said...


Urlacher may get some time on offense, he did play tight end, wide receiver and kick returner in he might still score on that offense a la the Fridge in SB XX.

Speaking of the Irish, didn't they lose their bowl game by the same score as AN Ohio State University??

Time to start thinking about what to run for in 07.

Mike Kole said...

Yeah? What are you running for? Me- I'm running for greater income and more family time!

Sure, Ohio State dropped their bowl game. That's bound to happen from time to time. After all, sometimes #2 does beat #1... at least it didn't happen when #2 Michigan played them in the previous game. What the hell- I'll take solace in OSU's championship from a couple years back. You can take solace in... waitaholdit! If I'm not mistaken, the last time Notre Dame won a national chapionship, you were eating paste in the back of your first grade classroom. Correct me if I'm wrong on that.

Chris Ward said...

Actually, it was third grade, but I won't hold that against you. :)

Ditka vs. God...who'd win??

Trick question, Ditka IS God. DA BEARS!!!