Thursday, February 01, 2007

Mass Transit Debate at the Statehouse

I've had many, many posts showing how mass transit is just a huge waste of taxpayer dollars. I just cannot fathom the lack of reason on this. It's like the windmills in Europe- They don't really do what it is thought they do, but they make people feel good.

I loved hearing Marc Fisher of the Indy Chamber on Abdul's show this morning. he and I debated light rail a few months ago, and today Fisher returned to his talking point: We can't build our way out of congestion. His solution? Build light rail?

Pardon me, but isn't that building your way out of congestion?

And what about the average 80% losses on the average mass transit system? Should we just sweep those under the rug?

Let's hope this doesn't get out of committee.

Look for a master post linking all of my previous mass transit posts. Too much to re-hash and re-research.


Joe said...

The only part of Central Indiana where they can even fathom mass transit is along the I-69 corridor.

Even then, it's a safer bet to build dedicated bus lanes. If those don't work, you can reuse them for cars.

Mike Kole said...

Actually, there is plenty of talk of linking the airport to downtown. That makes good sense, but I still believe this should be undertaken by a private concern or not at all.