Friday, February 02, 2007

Paint The Town BLUE!

I finally made it downtown with some walking around time and snapped off a bunch of photos of city scenes with plenty of Colts spirit. Here are my favorites of the bunch.

Clear winner. The banner at the top of the building reads, "Actually... Bears fumble in the woods. Go Colts!" On Monument Circle's interior, there stand several ornate light poles. See the detail of the restrained bear. I really like that. Tell the Star to hire me for a photo job.

Walkway from Convention Center. The RCA Dome is visible beneath. This is
probably the most colorful and interesting daytime scene I have encountered.

The Indiana Sports Corporation Building. Days before a Super Bowl, a building across from the RCA Dome should have a decoration in every window. Come to think of it, most downtown buildings should, too.

The Statehouse had nothing. That's as it should be. The State shouldn't be spending a nickel on sports. OK, so the horse is out of the barn on this, but these thoughts still made me grin on this frigid Thursday afternoon.

Union Station and Pan Am Plaza. Several different Colts flags twisting in the breeze.

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Anonymous said...

The Statehouse has had a Colts flag flying atop with the Stars and Stipes and Indiana Flags for about a week.