Monday, June 02, 2008

Barr Campaign Reaches Out To Bloggers

Having put my support behind Bob Barr, I've been in touch with Stephen Gordon, from Barr's campaign team. Gordon advises that the campaign will work with bloggers. From an email:
Because of the value this campaign places on the contributions of bloggers in today’s political environment, we’d like to extend a special service to those of you supportive of this campaign. We’d like to be able to send you periodic e-mailed briefings of what’s going on within the campaign so you can be on top of the news. Additionally, we are hoping to provide some unique quotes from the former congressman or campaign staffers which won’t be distributed through press releases or conventional media mechanisms.
Gordon was involved with the very popular libertarian blog, Hammer of Truth. I'm pleased that the Barr campaign is including bloggers in their media service. It's folly not to anymore.

Here is a link to Barr's blog. Many thanks to the campaign for adding me to their short (for now) blog roll.

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