Friday, June 06, 2008

Take A Flying Leap, Tiger

Tiger Woods, apparently a great golfer (I've NEVER watched golf on TV, so how should I know?) proves himself a poor ambassador for his sport, by needlessly alienating hockey fans like me. From an ESPN report:
The world's top golfer appeared via teleconference on Monday, promoting August's PGA Championship at Oakland Hills in suburban Detroit.

Woods asked if he was rooting for Detroit or Pittsburgh.

Woods started to laugh, then landed a zinger.

"I don't really care. Let's talk about the Dodgers," the California native said. "I don't think anybody really watches hockey anymore."
I'll repeat that I have NEVER watched golf on TV. There is no 'anymore' about it- except that I'll never be tempted to watch him play on TV. The arrogance! He's promoting an event in Detroit, and he couldn't even be complementary to Red Wings, who were in the midst of a Cup run? Classless. Poor ambassador. You would never hear such things from Gordie Howe or Wayne Gretzky.

When I hit the ice Sunday for my rec league game, I will have a bottle of Powerade. No more Gatorade for me. Thanks to Tiger Woods.


varangianguard said...

Two different groups here. Golfers and ice hockey fans, I mean.

Besides, Gordie Howe would have just been wondering about how he could high stick somebody with that graphite driver.'s a WWII joke.

Anonymous said...

Actually hockey players make good golfers--I am sure Tiger's remarks were tongue in cheek. Tiger's late father was a highly decorated navy seal and Tiger is every bit the man that his father was. Very patriotic and an individulist to boot. Very generous with his money especially with kids.