Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Barr on Colbert

(Fairview Heights, IL)- Libertarian nominee for President Bob Barr just completed his short segment on the Colbert Report. Quick impressions:

Stephen Colbert announced a 'full disclosure' item: He's a Libertarian. The guy is so tongue-in-cheek, it's hard to know if it's the case.

Colbert worked Barr on exactly the same things many Libertarians have grilled him on. "You're for less intrusive government, so you backed the Defense of Marriage Act"? Barr's reply was straightforward- When you learn that you've made a mistake, you revise your position. Colbert also brought up typical horse race angles, such as being a spoiler. Thankfully, this was quickly dismissed.

Barr did well enough in playing along. He joked about having a moustache (which Colbert joked about as something a big government person might want to have him register), and he generally looked comfortable, unlike his moment on Borat. Well enough is good, but the performance isn't likely to blow anyone away. If you watched, what did you think?
Update: Here it is- Barr on Colbert:

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