Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Blood & Shaving Cream, 10 Years Gone

(Fairview Hts, IL)- For 10 years, I was flying solo in rock 'n' roll radio, with an outstanding community radio station- WCSB, 89.3 fm in Cleveland. The co-hosting would continue with Shelly Gould-Burgess on a show called, oddly enough, "Rock 'N' Roll Radio," named after the Ramones tune. The political broadcasts would continue until after moving to Indianapolis, in Fall 2002.

10 years ago on this date, I completed my last solo show, called "Blood & Shaving Cream". It was a Thursday morning drive time show, airing from 7-9:30am. The show originally belonged to Steve Wainstead, but when he moved to New York, I asked the station's program director if I could fill his shoes and continue it, more or less as Steve was doing it. My touches and styles, of course, but the show was something of the punk and alternative rock hits- songs catchy enough that they belonged on regular morning drive time radio, or songs familiar enough to a college radio audience that they would have the same effect. "Blood and Shaving Cream" is a song by an old Cleveland band, Death of Samantha.

So, for your listening pleasure, here are links to two files, from the last B&SC:

Beware the poor sound quality! There is alternately a complete lack of treble, tape hiss, muffled incoherence- mostly due to the deteriorating source tape. Still, it's a bit of fun you might get a kick out of. 

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