Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Red Wings Win Stanley Cup

(Fairview Heights, IL)- What a great final, with a potentially game-tying Penguins' puck rolling near the goal line with less than a second left. The Red Wings hung on to win the Stanley Cup, in a series that showed what exciting sports action is all about.

I hope you got to watch some of it. It had continuous tension like basketball can't buy with a semi-trailer full of $100 bills. The post-game traditions are excellent- the handshake between the teams, and the handing off of the Stanley Cup to each member of the winning team.

As a San Jose Sharks fans, I enjoyed watching Brad Stuart lay out Sidney Crosby with a crushing, clean hit- and get to hold the Cup over his head.

I'm always a bit sad when hockey season ends... but at least I get to play again on Sunday night.


varangianguard said...

C'mon Mike. Nobody brought up south of the 37th parallel cares diddly about ice hockey.

Continuous tension? You're talking about a little rubber paperweight being batted about by a bunch of Canadians.

The only people I ever saw playing ice hockey were either:

sorry it was too cold to play rugby;

happy that they found friends who never seemed to shower either;

or, missing more than just a front tooth or two.

You and ProCynic need to get together. Ice hockey is just one more thing you may have in common. lol

Mike Kole said...

The Cup was handed to a European captain for the first time last night. On the Red Wings, you have seven Swedes, a Russian, two Czechs, a Finn, and some Americans- plus a few token Canadians. Hockey has become a real United Nations kind of sport. Watch the hockey in the Winter Olympics, and most countries' first two lines are essentially top NHL stars.

Come to Fishers on Sunday and see my game. We're old farts, but the game never stops, so the scoring chances never stop. It isn't like basketball, where one team sets up and tries to get a shot away in 24, or football with the huddling up, or baseball with the pitcher staring in before the pitch.

If "nobody" below 37 degrees cares, it's their loss... although I suspect fans in Dallas would have plenty to say about their team that made it to the western conf finals.

varangianguard said...

The "Canadians" reference was a (now obviously lame) attempt at "humor".

Like any team transplanted south of 37, it's to appease the carpetbaggers from up north. ;)

When my kids were younger, they took ice skating lessons at PanAm Plaza. Lessons followed club hockey during certain times of the year and having the teams trundle by on their way to the locker room was an exercise in "tear gas familiarization" or "polecat surprise". My eyes would water and my throat would catch from the malodorous stench emanating from live human beings. It was like being transported back to 14th century France, or something.

I just think that ice hockey is a collection of boys who never got enough of beating each other with sticks when they were younger.

Could be wrong, I suppose. lol

Mike Kole said...

"Polecat surprise"! Lol- you have been around the locker room! It's really still not far off from 20th Century France, tho.

As one who used to play hockey's physical game, I can correct you on this. It's wussy stuff to hit someone with your stick when on the ice. It's manly, however, to square up with your dance partner, drop the gloves, and chuck the knuckles. Manly, and honorable.

Of course, in my old age, I've come to appreciate the joys of scoring goals, making nice passes, and heck- just skating hard up and down the ice. Ah, the wisdom that comes with age!

varangianguard said...

Well, at least it's great exercise.

"It's wussy stuff to hit someone with your stick when on the ice".

Why did you qualify that statement with "when on the ice"??? ;)

Mike Kole said...

Oh, you noticed that? Er, mumphlerrgh....